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New West African Assessments
Two daily gasoline price assessments launched - Platts West Africa Gasoline FOB Northwest Europe and Gasoline CIF West Africa.
New West African Assessments

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OPEC's Badri worried about investment but says all oil producers must cooperate
October 6, 2015

OPEC Secretary General Abdalla el-Badri said Tuesday he was concerned about the impact of low oil prices on investment and the consequences for future supply, but insisted that rebalancing world oil markets was the responsibility of all producers and not a burden to be borne by OPEC alone.
How diesel became the new environmental "evil" in Europe
October 6, 2015

In cultural terms, nitrogen oxide emissions seem to have overtaken carbon dioxide as the more "evil" of the two pollutants.
Long debate over diesel comes to a head after emissions scandal: Petrodollars
October 5, 2015

Robert Perkins looks at the future of diesel for automobiles in Europe and beyond in the wake of a scandal that caused many to question whether gasoline would be better.
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