January NYISO coal/oil generation shot up 202% on extreme cold

Houston (Platts)--8 Feb 2018 205 pm EST/1905 GMT

Coal/oil generation in the New York Independent System Operator footprint shot up 202.4% year on year in January, as nuclear generation remained the lead fuel source with a 16.2% year-on-year increase, according to ISO data.

Total coal/oil generation averaged 9,748 MWh/d in January, compared with a two-year average of 3,182 MWh/d.

Despite the large jump in January generation, coal/oil only accounted for 2% of the overall NYISO fuel mix for the month.

Nuclear generation remained the lead fuel source at 34% of the NYISO fuel mix for January. Nuclear generation averaged 131,175 MWh/d, up 10% from December.

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Dual fuel generation averaged 85,742 MWh/d in January, a jump of 30.5% from last January and up 20.4% from December, to make up 21% of the overall generation mix.

Total hydro generation averaged 74,372 MWh/d for January, down 2.2% year on year and down 9% month on month. Hydro generation accounted for 19% of the NYISO fuel mix, down 3 percentage points.

Natural gas-fired generation averaged 69,998 MWh/d in January, up 8.4% from last January. It accounted for 18% of the overall NYISO fuel mix for the month.

Wind-power generation averaged 16,564 MWh/d, 28.5% higher than January 2017 and up 27.3% from December. Wind generation was 4% of the overall fuel mix in January.

Other renewables generation averaged 5,756 MWh/d for January, down 6.2% year on year and down 11.5% month on month, and made up 1% of the NYISO fuel mix for the month.

Total generation averaged 393,341 MWh/d in January, up 15.2% from last January and 7.5% higher than December. Roughly 400 MW of generation is expected to be added in New York by the end of the year, including 260 MW of wind and 119 MW solar, according to S&P Global Platts Analytics.

Driving up January power generation was increased heating demand.

There were 2.9% more heating-degree days than normal in New York City and 33% more than last January, according to US National Weather Service data.

New York City highs averaged 38.6 degrees in January, compared with the normal value of 38.3 degrees and below last year's level of 42.7 degrees, as lows averaged 24.7 degrees, below the normal level of 26.9 degrees and below last January's level of 33.3 degrees, according to the US National Weather Service.

--Kassia Micek,
--Edited by Richard Rubin,

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