US NRC Commissioner Jeffrey Baran to be nominated soon for another term

Washington (Platts)--6 Sep 2017 523 pm EDT/2123 GMT

US Nuclear Regulatory Commission Commissioner Jeffrey Baran will soon be nominated for another five-year term, NRC Chairman Kristine Svinicki said during an agency public meeting Wednesday.

"We hope to be joined soon by more commissioners, so we will have a full complement," Svinicki said in her opening remarks at NRC's annual all employees meeting in Bethesda, Maryland.

Commissioner Stephen Burns in his opening remarks also congratulated Baran on his "pending renomination."

Neither Svinicki nor Burns said when Baran would be renominated or provided other details. Baran in his opening remarks did not comment on his potential renomination.

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The Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works voted July 12 to approve the nominations of Annie Caputo and David Wright to serve as NRC commissioners. Caputo currently is a senior policy adviser for the Senate environment committee, and Wright is a former South Carolina utility regulator.

The nominations must also be approved by the full Senate. A schedule for that vote has not been announced.

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Senator Thomas Carper of Delaware, the senior Democratic member of the committee, said in his remarks July 12 before the vote that he wanted to make sure the nominations of Caputo and Wright were paired with the re-nomination of Baran, whose current term expires June 30, 2018. Baran has not yet been nominated to serve another term.

Carper said in the prepared version of his remarks that he "hoped we would see Commissioner Jeff Baran, who is currently serving on the NRC, renominated and paired with the two other NRC nominees. Unfortunately, that has not yet happened. That means my votes today on all our nominees will reflect my concerns with process, rather than concerns with the nominees before us today." Carper and several other Democratic committee members voted that day against the nominations of Caputo and Wright.

Under the Atomic Energy Act, there can be no more than three NRC commissioners from any single political party, and they serve staggered five-year terms. Svinicki, Caputo and Wright are Republicans. Baran is a Democrat and Burns is an independent. Burns' term ends June 30, 2019.

--Steven Dolley,

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