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Price methodologies & reference materials

Methodology and Specifications

S&P Global Platts methodologies bring consistency and robustness to our price assessments through principles and parameters that guide our market specialists at every stage of the process. To learn more about the human systems we employ for gathering and assessing commodity market data, watch our video.

In this section you will find documentation for all published price assessments and indices by commodity and region.

Subscriber Notes / Methodology Updates

Check here for any changes in methodology, specifications or price assessment descriptions that Platts publishes. In this section, we post proposed changes to methodologies for existing price points, new price assessment proposals, requests for feedback on proposed price assessment changes, and proposals to discontinue price assessments or indices. This section also includes announcements of upcoming events, and office closures which may affect the publication of prices, such as public holidays or weather emergencies.

New & Discontinued Price Symbols

Platts uses symbols to identify price assessments and other numeric data delivered via Platts’ real-time, Dispatch and other data services. Once price assessment changes and new third-party data series are announced (see Subscriber Notes), new price symbols will provide the necessary details, including descriptions, frequency, currency, units of measure and other attributes.


While Platts has an exceedingly low correction rate for its price assessments, corrections are inevitable given the sheer volume of information we publish. We issue corrections for price assessments as soon as discrepancies are identified, but only when a technical error has affected the price, or when a correction is issued by a third-party data source. Platts does not issue corrections to published price assessments to reflect information that may become available after publication.

Price Symbol and Page Directories

Platts’ symbol directories list Platts’ time-series price codes and related descriptive information grouped by commodity and data category. Page directories provide a page guide to Platts’ real-time news and alert services

Holiday Schedule

The Holiday Calendar is an in-depth annual compilation of the world's regional and national holidays, whose observation will impact the publishing of Platts' assessments, market reports and news wires.

Conversion Tables

The Platts conversion tables feature a wide range of conversions for use in calculations involving oil, electricity and other energy sources.


This is an excellent resource for common terms and acronyms used in the oil, power, petrochemical, gas, coal, shipping, nuclear and metals industries.

Price Assessments

We provide spot and forward price assessments for Oil, Natural Gas, Electric Power, Coal, Petrochemicals, Metals, and Agriculture markets publishing over 12,000 prices daily. View the latest on our key price assessments across our commodity coverage.

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