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Feature -- Brexit: Commodities Implications

March 28, 2017
With the UK government set on March 29 to formally notify Brussels of its intention to the leave the EU, the impact of Brexit on the value of the pound and consequently on the country's energy costs is being ever more keenly felt.
Analysis: UK's energy costs fuel post-Brexit inflation
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Euratom exit headache looms for UK nuclear
Euratom exit headache looms for UK nuclear
Euratom and the Euratom Treaty of 1957 that governs it were founded to create a market for nuclear power in Europe and to promote development of the nuclear power industry within EU member states.

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Singapore (Platts)--29 Mar 2017 600 am EDT/1000 GMT
Following Vietnam's surprise offer of minimum 2.5 million barrels of light Bach Ho crude in the spot market last week, regional suppliers and end-users are bracing themselves for hefty oversupply conditions in Southeast Asia and Oceania, market participants said Wednesday.
Perth (Platts)--29 Mar 2017 554 am EDT/954 GMT
The specter of Chinese domestic iron ore output ramping up this year in response to higher prices, and subsequently putting downward pressure on seaborne prices, was a major talking point at Australia's flagship iron ore conference Wednesday.
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The Barrel Blog

March 28, 2017
The battle over South Africa’s Mining Charter highlights a lack of confidence in government. Neil Ford explains in his latest blog post.
March 22, 2017
The Middle East has undergone a dramatic transformation in regards to its relationship with LNG, as our infographic shows.
March 21, 2017
Over 2000 container industry players descended upon TPM at Long Beach, end February, where one key theme I took away was the hesitancy to embrace price transparency.
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Play for today: How the global steel market is faring
March 27, 2017
- For global steel this time of the year has come to be known as the time when international trade breathed its last. We have seen the steel export life sucked out of some traditional powerhouses and breathed into others.
The US isn't the only partner available to assist in Mexico's hydrocarbon reforms
March 27, 2017
- Capitol Crude looks to Mexico, where reform is upending the energy sector at a time when its relationship with the US could be on the cusp of a change.
China aims for bluer skies ahead, but at what cost to commodity demand?
March 23, 2017
- Prime Minister Li Keqiang wants to make China's skies blue again. But what does this mean for the country's production and consumption of commodities?
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