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Americas Energy Evolution: Perspectives from today's commodity business leaders

Americas energy CEO series

The Platts Americas Energy CEO Series features interviews with key business leaders, addressing critical topics across fundamentals, regulation and industry trends. Spanning the oil, gas and power sectors, these wide-ranging discussions seek to provide insight into where energy is headed.

Barry Russell, IPAA CEO
Entering 2018, even as it is seeing the benefits of relaxed regulation under a new administration, the US exploration and production industry nonetheless is facing significant challenges, says Barry Russell, Independent Petroleum Association of America CEO.
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Bill Way, Southwestern Energy President and CEO
Southwestern Energy is using the lessons learned in its operations in the northeastern portion of the Appalachian Basin as it continues plans to develop Utica Shale assets in the southwestern portion of the basin, says Bill Way, Southwestern Energy president and CEO.
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Alan Armstrong, Williams CEO
Williams sees expansion of its natural gas pipeline business to feed growing LNG export demand as the best way to drive future growth, rather than building its own terminal as some of its competitors are doing or again trying to sell the company, CEO Alan Armstrong said December 19.
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J. Bear, MISO President & CEO
The Midcontinent Independent System Operator faces a number of challenging conditions, including changing fundamentals, regulations and relationships between suppliers and consumers of electricity, says John Bear, MISO president and CEO, but stakeholders and staff are working through them.
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Robert Flexon, Dynegy President & CEO
Political intervention in electricity markets has prompted Houston-based Dynegy’s President and CEO Robert Flexon to wonder whether the US may abandon wholesale electricity competition in favor of re-regulating the sector with a cost-of-service utility model.
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John Gatling, Hess Midstream COO
The startup this summer of the 520,000 b/d Dakota Access Pipeline is already bringing about a much sought-after change for landlocked Bakken shale oil producers, such as Hess, which have long dealt with steep price discounts and increasingly relied on the pricier railroads to ship their light crude to markets in the absence of a major pipeline.
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Meg Gentle, Tellurian CEO
Previously it was as a marketing executive who helped Cheniere Energy become the first US exporter of LNG produced from shale gas. And now it is as the CEO of Tellurian, pitching a new business model to finance construction of a rival terminal.
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Peter Gregg, IESO President & CEO
With plenty of supply and a relatively flat forecast for peakload, Ontario's Independent Electricity System Operator is likely to focus much of 2018 on making the high-level design decisions about its Market Renewal project, President and CEO Peter Gregg said January 3.
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Joseph Israel, Par Petroleum CEO
Par Petroleum has been successful in leveraging the Mid-Pacific location of its 93,500 b/d Hawaii refinery, sourcing crude from multiple locations and seeing higher demand for diesel and octanes going forward, says Par Petroleum CEO Joseph Israel.
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Brad Jones, New York Independent System Operator CEO
The intersection of public policy and wholesale power markets is among the most important issues currently facing the US power industry, and New York is at the forefront of these developments, New York Independent System Operator’s CEO Brad Jones says.
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Andrew Ott, PJM President & CEO
As US power markets evolve with changing fuel mixes and technology, properly valuing power generation resources has become a priority for grid operators, PJM Interconnection President and CEO Andrew Ott said.
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Bill Prentice, Meridian Energy CEO
Meridian Energy expects to break ground on its new North Dakota refinery in March and be operational by the first quarter of 2019, says CEO Bill Prentice.
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Sean Strawbridge, Port of Corpus Christi COO
The Port of Corpus Christi's close location to the Permian and Eagle Ford basins and changes in the decades-old export law could make the port a leading export outlet, says COO Sean Strawbridge.
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Gordon van Welie, ISO NE President & CEO
Rapidly changing power generation portfolios and pressure to incorporate public policy goals within wholesale power markets are national forces that are hitting the New England Independent System Operator’s markets in particular, says president and CEO Gordon van Welie.
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