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Helping you connect the dots for the complete picture

Vessel monitoring. Reports. Trends. Competitive Insight. Knowledge. On their own, they’re useful. But join them up so they inform one another and work together, and you have a deeper, richer picture of the freight markets. Platts cFlow helps you connect all the dots in order to make more informed decisions.

With Platts cFlow you can be the first to know about vessel diversions, establish a ship’s ETA and destination and learn if a tanker’s full or empty.

In business terms, this informed insight can prove as valuable as the cargo itself.

How cFlow can help you:

  • Traders. Spot opportunities by knowing where the volumes are traveling in real time and where competitor ships are going
  • Analysts. Make more informed decisions by tracking and comparing past, current and future flows
  • Charterers. Be better prepared with access to your own logs of past performance. This means you’ll know what ships are available near a port — letting you negotiate from a position of strength
  • Schedulers. Plan and implement new strategies faster by being able to track ships once the cargo is on board and by knowing if it reaches its destination on time
  • Risk professionals. Monitor your price risk to ensure price-risk hedges are correctly aligned with vessel arrival times using automated alerts. You can also be notified automatically of a vessel’s imminent arrival to make sure the collateral is in hand

cFlow provides you with:

  • Premium AIS data feeds - 50,000+ vessels (includes crude, LNG, LPG, chemicals, products tankers and dry bulkers of 1000 dWt and greater) sited daily by five satellites and 1000+ independent port-based receivers
  • Platts data - vessel fixture information gives you more insight into a vessel’s cargo. Access freight and bunker pricing information for better understanding of logistics costs
  • Comprehensive vessel, port and assets details
  • Proprietary predictive algorithms - destination, eta and laden status
  • Zone analysis - splits the waterborne commodity world into 11,000+ zones for tracking and comparing commodity flows
  • Convenient customization - export data for further analysis; create your own vessel/location groups; add/share proprietary notes by vessel or port securely within your organization; monitor vessel status and be first to know about diversions with cFlow’s alerts
  • Dynamic reports - interactive volumetric reports showing flows between freight zones and ports; port history for a vessel and vessel group status; vessel history for a port and vessel history for a region
  • Historical data - track vessel and port activity dating back to 2010 (where available)
  • Scheduled reports - congestion summary, region history, zone-to-zone, ship-to-ship transfers, status changes in the previous 24 hours, first sighting and many more delivered to your inbox as often as required
  • Competitive and arbitrage analysis

  • Robust world coverage: over 50,000+ ships and tankers tracked
  • Coverage of Crude, LNG, LPG, Chemicals, Products and Dry Bulk
  • Type of tanker (wet or dry) from 1000 DWT and upwards
  • Ship positions updated every half hour
  • Exclusive volumetric reports help you avoid demurrage, while ship-to-ship transaction reports minimize additional costs
  • Historical, real-time and future visualization and analysis of cargoes, fixtures, vessels, terminals, ports and regions
  • Be the first to know about vessel diversions with Platts cFlow’s proprietary zone/polygon analysis
  • An AIS (Automatic Identification System) vessel location feed from five satellites continuously sweeping the world, and from land-based antennae across hundreds of ports
  • Platts bunker price assessments for key transport ports and hubs
  • Platts tanker freight rates for key global routes and zones
  • Platts ship fixtures for clean and dirty tankers and coal carriers
  • iLaden status, Calculated ETA and iDestination offer mathematically inferred data to give you a clear understanding of a vessel and its whereabouts

cFlow Engaged

cFlow Engaged enables you to take a deep dive into commodity flows with detailed proprietary content, extensive analytics and reporting capabilities. By visualizing and analyzing past trends, real-time diversions and future commodity movement, you’ll generate valuable trading opportunities and operational efficiencies, as well as mitigate risk.

cFlow Explore

The cFlow Explore package enables you to take in the fullest picture of the global freight markets. Adding to cFlow Engaged’s functionality and content, cFlow Explore helps you identify and connect dots you didn’t even know existed. Gain rich insights into competitor activity and arbitrage opportunities like never before using cFlow Explore’s state-of-the-art technology and tools. Bespoke reports are also available for accounts with five or more licenses, along with the ability to aggregate proprietary data.

cFlow Bespoke

With cFlow Bespoke you can completely personalize the cFlow Explore product and service. Our technical team will act as adviser and developer to create a tailored system that fully integrates with your data and system requirements. Hosted on a secure server, cFlow Bespoke will deliver exactly what you need, when and how you want it.

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