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Platts LNG Daily is vital reading as LNG supply dynamics continue to change in big markets like Japan, China, Middle East, India, Australia, South America and the US. This premier independent news and pricing publication for the global LNG industry gives readers information on every aspect of the global market from new LNG supply projects and contracts to gas pricing analysis.


The LNG marketplace is global and fast-growing, which demands comprehensive daily coverage of market activity in both the Pacific and Atlantic basins. With the Platts LNG Daily service, you get just that—a daily summary of LNG prices and price-moving news, market commentary and analysis for the global LNG market through our global suite of price assessments.

S&P Global Platts contacts active market participants from across the wide spectrum of the marketplace, including buyers, sellers, traders, brokers, producers, and consumers, to assess the tradable value of LNG.

Our daily benchmark price assessment for spot physical cargoes delivered ex-ship into Japan and South Korea, Platts JKM ™, is increasingly used as the price benchmark for spot trades both in and outside Asia. In addition, Platts JKM™ pricing continues to be incorporated into many term LNG contracts and tenders worldwide.

Further insight into regional price differences is offered through analysis of other key markets including Platts US (Gulf Coast Marker) and the Middle East (Middle East Marker) and DES West India price assessments as well as a host of freight and netback assessments globally.


Platts LNG Daily gives you the edge by providing:

  • Benchmark prices for physical and derivative markets
  • Detailed market commentary
  • Tracker of most current bids, offers and trades
  • Recent tender news & tender tracker
  • Information on new LNG supply projects
  • Reports on development/construction of new liquefaction projects and plants
  • Updates on siting/development/construction of new receipt terminals
  • Information regarding regulatory proceedings
  • Reports, news and analysis on shipping
  • Details of contract pricing terms
  • Review of supply/demand fundamentals
  • Analysis on pricing, trade flows and competing fuels
  • Chartering data
  • Congressional proceeding reports
  • Updates on state and local government proceedings
  • Details of LNG project financing
  • Details and data on existing and proposed regasification and liquefaction terminals globally

Who Should Buy

The liquefied natural gas market really demands attention. Market participants such as energy executives, risk managers, traders, brokers, charterers and analysts who need to make informed and accurate decisions can rely on Platts LNG Daily every day to do business and maximize strategies within this rapidly developing marketplace.


Platts LNG Daily is an unrivalled resource that ensures comprehensive coverage, the most reliable data, and the most accurate information. Platts LNG daily also contains comprehensive tables featuring the most recent bids/offers/trades as well as tenders and strips heard in the market to build transparency beyond the spot market and into more short- and medium-term trade. With Platts LNG Daily, you can uncover what's moving the market today for more timely and accurate decision making, better risk management results, and more profitable trading.

Platts LNG Daily delivers specialist and respected benchmark price assessments for the global LNG market.

In addition to Platts LNG Daily subscribers also receive a weekly South American LNG supplement, which includes:

  • The DES Brazil Net Forward price
  • Reported South Atlantic bids, offers, and trades
  • Differentials to key global LNG and gas markets
  • Freight costs from key exporting regions
  • The latest supply and demand statistics
  • Capacity utilization, shown for the terminals in Brazil
  • Weather data, including forecasts of precipitation in Brazil
  • Gas imports into Brazil via pipeline and via LNG
  • Reservoir data
  • Commentary on what has been driving demand for LNG in Brazil

Standard Delivery

Platts LNG Daily is delivered in PDF format via email. It is also available for download from

All of the valuable content published in Platts LNG Daily is also available via our online analytical tool, Platts LNG Navigator. Through Platts LNG Navigator you can receive all your content as it is published rather than waiting for the entire report to be released. Platts LNG Navigator subscribers can also access other valuable content from the Platts LNG portfolio. For further details on accessing your Platts LNG Daily subscription on Platts LNG Navigator, please contact

Platts Market Data – LNG

The price data listed in Platts LNG Daily is also available in data-point format for easy import and analysis. This is the most efficient and reliable way to receive our industry-standard benchmark assessments.

For a modest additional cost, upgrade your subscription to include Platts Market Data – LNG. With a click of a mouse you'll have access to the latest, most-accurate LNG price assessments. Platts Market Data – LNG also provides you with end-of-day assessments, third-party data, and a rolling 45-day historical database for key assessments. For further information, please contact Platts Sales team.

Archive Access

Gain access to past articles from every issue we have on file for Platts LNG Daily. This valuable resource will allow you to search for and analyze useful information and create your own customized reference on issues that interest you. You'll always find what you're looking for, because our archives are easily searchable—just enter key words, company names, a date range, or an industry, and specify which publications you wish to search.

Multiple-user subscriptions

Many clients purchase multiple subscriptions to ensure their entire staff has access to Platts information. We'll work with you to ensure our distribution methods meet your specific needs. For details, contact your nearest Platts office.



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