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For over 100 years, the energy, markets have looked to Platts as a leading source of independent industry data, news and analysis. Platts delivers timely, insightful market intelligence and decision-support services that allow our clients to turn respected information into positive action. Our maps use the most current data available from Platts, and are produced by our award winning cartography team.

North American Natural Gas System Map

Experience a complete view of the natural gas system in the United States, Canada and Mexico with this latest edition and understand gas transportation and storage options, and explore the latest generation & gas transmission projects.

Natural Gas System of Mexico

S&P Global Platts new Natural Gas System of Mexico 2017 map serves as the perfect resource for understanding the current state of natural gas infrastructure across Mexico.

North American Electric Transmission System Map

This edition features comprehensive coverage of Canada and the United States featuring the latest planned or proposed projects with a detailed view of transmission line ownership, key operating and planned power plants and substations.

North American Electric Power System Map

This is the cornerstone of S&P Global Platts award-winning, electric power suite of map products. It displays nearly 400 planned power generation projects and over 70,000 miles of planned transmission projects in addition to comprehensive coverage of the existing transmission and generation landscape.

World Energy Map

Gain a comprehensive and worldwide view of key aspects of the energy industry such as the global interconnections of major shipping lanes, oil ports, refineries and LNG terminals. Explore the relationships between generation capacity, fuel types, and energy consumption.

Natural Gas Supply of North America Map

Take a detailed look at the supply, transportation, and demand aspects of the evolving natural gas marketplace by showing gas transmission and key infrastructure along the pipelines. For the first time, this edition shows pipelines colored by company and sized diameter in order to help you trace a company’s presence from source to generator.

North American Power Generation System Map

This map displays key information about existing and planned power plants in relation to the transmission grid and features nearly 2,200 operating plants and nearly 400 proposed/under construction plants.

Utility Service Territories of North America

Plan and strategize around a complete view of the North American power generation system and view the retail service territories for all Investor-Owned Utilities (IOU) and 1,350 major non-investor owned and municipal utilities.

North American Natural Gas Liquids Map

The North American Natural Gas Liquids, 2015 Edition wall map captures the North American NGL industry from the ground up. From the source-region, to the pipeline, to the processing plant, to the delivery terminal, all of the key structural components are represented in striking detail and with key industry data.

North American Crude Oil System Map

It is a very dynamic time for North American crude oil. The decline in US production has reversed, and flourishing oil drilling has necessitated infrastructure build-out to match step with changing domestic trade flows. The 2018 Platts North American Crude Oil System map from Platts presents the primary components and latest projects of the expansive US & Canadian crude oil system in detail.

PowerVision Published: Monthly Region: EMEA

Platts PowerVision provides a comprehensive single source for European power and gas market fundamentals.

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